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Pyongyang, capital city of North Korea, has been totally rebuilt after being destroyed during the Korean War which ended in 1953. This 2 million inhabitants city is a typical model of stalinian urbanism: giant monuments, uniform housing, broad and desert avenues, grey colour, and huge propaganda posters. Photography is not so restricted, although it is forbidden to walk alone without an official guide. Although the city is really sad, the size of its monuments is really fascinating.

Because of the large amount of pictures taken in Pyongyang, I put them under several categories corresponding to specific areas or sceneries:

Panorama of the city



Juche Tower

Kim Il Sung Square

Palace for the Studies of the People

Palace of the Children and Pupils

Ryoukyeung Hotel

Museum of the Korean War

Monument to the Korean War

Monument to the edification of the Party

Monument to the Martyrs

Ship Pueblo

Arch of Triumph

Cholima Statue


Other spots

Pyongyang Subway

Street sceneries