take off
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Take off

Here is the ant hill ! The place where everything begins , I mean the Mount Gros , a 680 meters high mountain over Roquebrune and Monaco .

Closer and in the fog , it looks like this :

Some days in the year and at a certain time , it is possible to see dozens of paragliders put on the ground waiting their taking off . Let's be realistic ! All rules of civilization disappear ( except between members of the local club ) and only the jungle law applies . You walk on the neighbours' equipment without any apologize , you put you own paraglider over the friends'ones just to get some precious extra-minutes of thermic activity .
One of the wisest option is to let the herd taking off and prepare his own equipment away or after the others . Then you can at least smile when seeing the others insulting each other and failing in their taking off attempts , rolling over the other paragliders , making their owners very happy of course .
But when you take off , all these preoccupations disappear ... A picture should be better than a long speech :

This picture has been taken on the eastern taking off ground , which is not very steep , quite short and surrounded by brambles everywhere . The specialists will understand easily the consequences : you have 30 or 50 % of chances to finish dazed in the brambles , and you have to call your friends to help you saving your equipment , as others have a perfect taking off . That is a very frustrating situation ... and very shameful also ! But let those who experimented that rest assured : even the best pilots make it ! I even saw the former world champion , Robby Whitall in such a bad situation !

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