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Chinese markets are full of items and any kind of stuff in relation with communism. Such items are favourites for most turists, who are usually quite proud to show them overseas. On this page, these are a few of these items, some of them really made during the communist era, others recently manufacured for collectors and turists.

A silver coin made by the communists in 1934.

The flag of the Peoples Republic of China.

A red star hat.

A red guart armband.

The philosophical works in four parts of Chairman Mao ( one of the small red books ).

A tea cup from the Cultural Revolution, with Mao and Lin Biao.

A plate "Long Live Chairman Mao".

A hanging small bell ( recto and verso ).

Some Mao Zedong pins.

A statue of Mao ( same as the one in Shaoshan ).

Some postcards from Shaoshan ( Mao Zedong birth place ).

A watch with Mao's face.

A lighter playing the music "The East is red".

Some revolutionary music tapes.

Some VCD ( CD for karaoke ) with revolutionary songs.

The Communist Party's regulations of 1997.

The Year 2000 calendar.