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Roquebrune site

No doubt , Roquebrune Cap-Martin is certainly one of the best paragliding sites in the world , although air conditions may be not the best one . Anyway , this site attracts pilots from the entire world , especially in winter , when it is impossible to have nice flights in the rest of Europe .
We fly betwen Monaco , Roquebrune and Menton . Best pilots fly towards Eze , Beaulieu , or even Sospel !
The sight we can have when the weather is nice and when we manage to be high enough is just incredible : Monaco , Roquebrune , Menton , a part of the italian riviera , Nice countryside , the coast from the airport to Cannes , and if we are lucky the Var coast and Esterel hills . But the best of the best is when , after a strong wind , the sky is absolutely pure and let us see clearly the Corsica mountains ...
But this is enough talking , here are the pictures !

Cap-Martin , which separates Roquebrune bay and Menton

Monaco principality .

Roquebrune town and old village .

The Vist'aero , hotel over Monaco and Roquebrune , just at the top of a cliff .

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