legal rules
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Legal rules

When practicing paraglinding , there is a large number of air rules that nobody respect of course . I won't put them here because they are quite tiresome but I will say a few words about Roquebrune specific rules , it may be one of the most restricted paragliding sites in the world !

First of all , the dates and schedules of authorized flight . The site is forbidden in summer before 6 in the evening if I have a good memory . But it is not so simple : it is not really forbidden to fly , but to land on the beach ( it is the only landing ground in the area ) . Of course you can land on the taking off point if you can ! You can also fly the whole day and land at 6 pm ... if you are resistant enough !
It is forbidden to fly over Monaco principality territory . It is normal , it's a city ! But this is not enough to keep a paraglider pilot away . Then , Monaco police is much more strict than french police who is totally laxist . But I must confess that flying over Monaco is a real temptation . You fly along the border without crossing it . You can hear the Ferrari noise , you can even see them sometimes but you can't approach ! Some joker pilots have ever landed on Larvotto beach in Monaco and escaped with their equipment just before the police arrived . ( lucky bastards ... )
It is also forbidden to fly over the Prince's Ranch . But this ranch is on the french territory ! This is only a whim from The Highness , which deprives the pilots of a very interesting thermic area . Many pilots violate this rule but some of them have ever heard gun shots when approching to close !
The Mount Agel air force base , a mysterious fortress which overlooks the Mount Gros from hundreds of meters . It is forbidden to fly over it ... but anyway it is not so easy because pilots can't often reach such an altitude . Sometimes , some Mirage or Fuga Magister war planes fly a few meters over the paragliders' take off ground . I think the ban should be mutual . Yes , I know , this is unrealistic ...