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Chinese propaganda posters

The most famous form of Chinese communist art are the various propaganda posters, created from the founding of the Peoples Republic of China in 1949 to nowadays. The 50's and 60's, and especially the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution were the most active periods in terms of quantity and inventivity.

The favourite topics were economic success, adoration of Chairman Mao and other communist stars, friendship with the USSR (before the divorce of course), anti-imperialist fight, Taiwan liberation, the people's happiness and the power of Chinese army.

Chinese markets are full of such posters, most of them being original ones. They are available at quite a fair price. Usually, it costs between 10 and 100 yuans (1 and 10 euros) for the most common posters. Rare ones may reach extremely high prices.

As I am not a real collector, I can just provide you with a small quantity of such posters. However, they are quite representative of the production at this time. Click on the pictures to enlarge the posters.

Admiring the large snow landscapes of Mount Minshan, the The Third Army stongly expresses its joy.

Children of the Yellow River.

United, we fight for a greater victory.

Read Chairman Mao's works, listen Chairman Mao's words, Obey to Chairman Mao's orders.

Happy journey.

Strengthen the attention to defend the Motherland.

Chairman Mao will be with us forever.

Let's bravely go forward, following the revolutionary career of Chairman Mao.

Making the Revolution, relying on Mao Zedong's thought - We must get ready to fight.

The whole Party takes over the military affairs and practices the militarization of the whole People.

Taiwan will be liberated!

Unite, Peoples from the whole world! Down with American imperialism! Down with Soviet revisionnism!

Unite, Peoples from the whole world! Down with American imperialism! Down with Soviet revisionnism! Down with reactionary gangs                                             from all countries!

All the reactionary gangs are paper tigers.

Let us follow closely Chairman Mao in the storm!

Chairman Mao is the red sun of our hearts.


Long life the friendly union between China and USSR!

Long life the union of socialist symbols!

Peace, happiness, wealth, strength.

Let's celebrate National Day.

Edification of the great Chinese Peoples Air Force.

Let's fight to develop patriotism and increase the production, let's build a rich and powerful new China.

The American invaders will be defeated.   

American imperialism will be defeated!.

Let's study Lei Feng, let's blow a new wind.

Relying on Mao Zedong thought, making the Revolution.

Let's accomplish with determination the glorious tasks of the year 1953!

Support the Constitution, protect the Constitution.

A huge field where it is possible to perform great accomplishments.

Chairmao Mao leads us forwards!

Long live Mao Zedong thought!