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Landing is the end of the dream , the moment when your feet reach the land again , and of course when you watch your chronometer anxiously .

The beach is large , you can land on it without any problem . But I shall give you a few advices :
You must be careful : a small stream is in the middle of the beach . In fact , it is not a natural one but the end of the sewers . There is no real danger , except to give a new smell to your equipment !!!
In summer , the beach is overpopulated . Your paraglider will certainly fall on pedestrians . But this is not always an inconvenient , as some perverse pilots . A beach in summer always have a lot of beautiful girls with very light clothes ( especially the eastern side of the beach where people are naked ) . Some pilots ( always the same ) often land in this area and , as a coincidence , have their paraglider falling on a naked woman . Then , they run towards her saying : "Don't touch anything , it's fragile ! Let me do !"
The beach is half covered with sand . Sand if very joyful , compared to big pebbles . But the problem is that sand easily enters your paraglider , just at the bottom end . Then , it is extremely difficult to put the sand out . Pilots like to laugh at paragliders full of sand ( it is very easy to see it once in the sky ) .