Anti - horoscope

WARNING : You must read all the following articles , without considering your date of birth. This one has no influence on your future, and you must follow all wise advices you may find.

CAPRICORN : You mustn't go to your usual astrologer. The conjuction of his dishonesty and avidity is a danger for you. Your only solution is to take decisions according to logical only. This method may surprise you at first but you'll consider it as the only wise one after.

AQUARIUS : The alignment of your astrologer's income and tax declaration is only an illusion. This is the perfect opportunity to cease this relationship you have been maintaining with him or her for too many years.

PISCES : You will have some great opportunities. Don't waste them by listening the bad advices astrologer swindlers might give you. These people don't know the facts and therefore can't provide you any kind of help. On the countrary, listening to them may inflict injury to your furure!

ARIES : After a deep disappointment, a good looking and fair person will approach you and become one of your relatives. He will claim to be able to help you by predicting your future. Don't even listen to him! He can't do anything for you and only wants to take profit from your misfortune!

TAURUS : You are about to make a huge mistake, you have read an advertisment for a so-called very well known astrologer and have been interested by his services. Don't continue this in any way! If you have already taken contact, go and travel abroad for the next year, just to have time to be erased from the lists of this dishonest person.

GEMINI : The way you see the world will totally change in a close future because you took the decision not to read your favourite newspapers' horoscopes anymore. You will then begin to realize that our world is rational when you will read the other pages in these newpapers.

CANCER : You recently met new friends, with whom you have very much in common. However, they will want to share with you their favourite hobby : astrology. If they insist, you shall definitely refuse their proposal because they despise your intelligence. On the countrary, chose to convince them to stop this ridiculous and useless activity. If you succeed in bringing them back to the right way, you will get their forever gratitude.

LEO : You will very soon get admiration and respect from your relatives when you will tell them you don't believe in astrology anymore. This position will grant you a great respect from them and they will immediately stop laughing at you because of stupid believes.

VIRGO : Your economic situation will soon substantially improve. Indeed you took the right decision when stopping wasting amounts of money in astral predictions without any interest.

LIBRA : You will soon drown in the doubts caused by a chaos period. You will indeed soon listen two different astrologers who will tell you two fully different predictions. You won't know who must be believed, and then realize that the best solution is to listen none of them.

SCORPIO : Your personality has developped itself in the good way, and then you get extremely angry when you realize that during many years you believed in astrology, as it was only one of the biggest swindle in human history. Please try to limit your anger, you'd better think about all these people who have not dropped these stupid believes yet.

SAGITTARIUS : Your psychological balance is facing a big threat: a parasite astrolger has irrupted in your life and you commited the mistake to listen to him, once weakened. This sindler you can't ged rid of is now really poisoning your life. You can't even think normally anymore. Please get rid of him, while you remain a little bit lucid, because once this astrologer will have clearing your brain, you won't be able to avoid his underhands.