About this site

First of all, please let me welcome you on this website, on which you are very welcome to return as often as you like.

Do not be impressed by the poor technical quality of this website, it is only an individual work, accomplished by somebody who is not particularly skilled in webdesign and computer matters, and who does not want to waste time in learning such things. However, HTML language is easy enough for everybody, and powerful enough to create such a simple website. This is why, one day, I decided to enter "the world".

This "day" was in august 1999, at a date which will probably never be remembered as an historical one, as it has already disappeared from my memory. It is not April 27th 2000, as you may have thought when having a look at my counter. This date was only a second birth, a new beginning when the site moved to its current server, free.fr, the previous one being not so perfect. Then, it would be unfair to continue without thanking, even briefly, free.fr which allows many french users to publish some pages ont internet without any fee or advertising. Now it is done.

Why a website? The right question should be "why not?" Everything began in a chatroom while I was discussing with somebody I forgot the nickname, and who asked me "why not?" I could not provide him any nice answer, and therefore concluded that I should bear the consequences, and put something online, even something ridiculous. The same day, late in the evening, the first page was published. I thought (yeah, I like to think) that it would be useless to keep an empty website and  therefore began to develop it. Many pages appeared for some short or very long time, most of them having disappeared now. This is why the site you can visit today is totally different from what it was at the very beginning.

Only one thing remained, my name, which is the same one as what appears in the address of the site. Maybe you will think this is exagerated pride, or the way to gain a kind of cheap and relative fame. I would rather say it is just the way not to escape any liability for what is written here, and not to abuse from the freedom of speech which cannot be without any limit. If you look at the address bar of your browser you will then notice that my name is debrisson. Actually, there are two words: "de Brisson". And as I like to be precise, there is something after, my full name being "de Brisson de Laroche". Additionally, my first name is Patrick. As you may be experienced in visiting personal homepages, you may have noticed that usually a personal description includes a picture. So, here is one, and only one. Watch it carefully as you will not get any other one. Actually, yes you will, one other, but I will let you search for it on the rest of the website.

What else interesting could I say about me? You probably wish to know as many details as possible, but I will just provide the main information. I was bornt in Nice, southern France, a beautiful city on the mediterranean coast, on November 4th 1975 (please do not forget my birthday, thanx). I spent most of my life in this place before I first leave to Paris for a 3 year stay, and then to Shanghai, China where I live now. This is not an exile but a sincere choice because I feel here like if it was my birthplace. Like a fish among the masses, as said Camarad Leader Chairman Helmsman Mao Zedong. So this is the place where I work and you may wonder what is my occupation here. I will just say that my job is sometimes considered as the second oldest one. I like to sleep and eat, as well as many other hobbies I will not tell here. My credit card number is not 2343 5441 9834 8022, and I really dislike dogs, coffee, and throat cleaning. As for my political / philosophical background, I consider myself as an atheist liberal world citizen. I dislike conservatism, extremism, state interventionism... and of course throat cleaning. If you wonder about it because of what you may see on this website, I affirm that I am not communist, nor marxist, nor maoist, nor leninist, nor anarchist, nor trotskist, nor castrist, nor guevarist, nor third-worldist, nor trapeze artist. Maybe a little bit egoistic sometimes but I intend to improve myself.

Let's go back to the main topic, that is to say this website. It is always evoluting, even if you may notice no modification during several monthes. Sometimes, it is more than evolution, it is a real Revolution. Cultural Revolution of course, but not proletarian because when I destroy any previous work, it is only in order to improve the content, not because I like destruction. The result is a real mess without any organized plan or clear intention. It is indeed a personal website which does not exist in order to be exhaustive as for the topics proposed, and is not supposed to focus on only one topic.

If you have any comment, positive or negative, you are very welcome to express it, either to my mailbox pdbdl@yahoo.fr (when it works) or to my guestbook which I almost never censure. Except in case of pure pollution.

As a conclusion, I still have to ensure that this website does not content any unlawful material, in regard of both french and chinese law. Therefore it:

- does not provide any content promoting racism or hate against anybody;
- does not provide any content which purpose is to reduce or deny the crimes committed during World War II;
- does not provide any content harmful to the intellectual property rights of any third party;
- does not provide any content harmful to the reputation of any third party, or to his private life;
- does not provide any content or link which may promote or help any kind of terrorism;
- does not provide any information which may be helpful in producing massive destruction weapons;
- does not provide any pedophile picture nor any link to such content;
- does not provide any pornographic picture nor any link to such content;
- does not provide any content which may be considered as in favour of the Dalai Lama and tibetan or uighur separatism;
- does not provide any content which may be considered as criticizing the government of the People's Republic of China, or the Communist Party of China and its leaders;
- does not provide any content which may be considered as in favour of the forbidden sect of Falungong;
- does not provide any content which may be considered as in favour of the independance of Taiwan island;
- does not provide any content which may be harmful to the safety, image and reputation of the People's Republic of China in the World.

Of course nobody is perfect and, despite all my caution, the content of this website may be misunderstood by some visitors which care very much about law and politically correctness. Therefore I wish to anticipate that and the following shall be considered as a compensation for the mistakes I may commit:

- Tibet belongs to China since the prehistoric times. During the Thirtieth Millenium before our area, the first inhabitants of this region used to paint some five star red flags on the walls of their caves.
- Chinese natural borders reach Singapore in the south, Bering Strait in the East and Caspian Sea in the West.
- Taiwan belongs to China since even more ancient times than Tibet. This island was probably part of mainland few millions years ago. Therefore the phenomenon of continent moving shall make its auto-criticism.
- Chinese President, whoever he is, is always right, never wrong and his words are definitely the truth.